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Site Updating Soon

I am in the process of redoing the website. Please bear with any technical issues until it is finished. Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

Reality IS the Delusion

More from Kyle Cease, humorous Truth via clarity. Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

When You Connect to Yourself

Excellent insight into the value of longer periods of meditation by Kyle Cease: Wishing you Happiness. Tonya

The Fly

Having one of those days? It’s all a matter of Perception…   Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

It’s Just a Ride

The late Bill Hicks, speaking Truth: Wishing you Happiness. Tonya

Pure Potentiality

If you are new to the concept of energy vibration and how it is the nature of the Universe, this is an excellent explanation and well worth reading: Pure Potentiality   Wishing you Happiness, Tonya


An inspiring video from Jim Carrey:     Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

How Our Thoughts Alter Reality

Many of us have read or heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s book “The Hidden Messages in Water” which demonstrates the impact that your thought vibrations in the form of words have on physical reality. This video is a fascinating demonstration … Continue reading

It’s All Energy at a Different Rate of Vibration

Vibration is the primary Law, Attraction is secondary. Bob Proctor elaborates on how the Law of Attraction actually works. The frequencies and Zero Point Energy in NeuralSync™ audios and videos guide you into different states, helping you to raise your … Continue reading

Blocked Countries

I have come to a difficult decision. After repeated instances of piracy traceable to purchases made in the countries of China, The Russian Federation and the Ukraine, I am forced to discontinue sales to those regions of the world and … Continue reading

Licensed Use of NeuralSync™

I am often asked if NeuralSync™ is available as an affiliate program or for others to resell themselves. It is not. I personally disagree with the affiliate marketing sales model so choose not to implement it and I prefer to … Continue reading


Today in the US it is Veteran’s Day, when we acknowledge the sacrifices made by those who served. In the words of General William Tecumseh Sherman, “War is Hell.” And it leaves scars: stress, anxiety, trauma… There are a number … Continue reading

Just for Fun

I think this is enchanting, and it is a wonderful visual for sound frequencies and their translation into the physical realm. Enjoy! Bird Sounds Visualised from Andy Thomas on Vimeo. Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

Using the Power of Consciousness to Heal

Worth reading: Transform Your Health By Changing Your Thoughts   Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

The Power of Sound

  This is an amazing video by Nigel Stanford demonstrating the power of sound on matter:

Everything is Vibration

Wishing you Happiness, Tonya  

The Matrix is Real…

Proof That You Create Your Own Reality Wishing you Happiness, Tonya  

OmHarmonics Does Not Use NeuralSync™Technology

I have been asked a number of times if OmHarmonics, another producer of brainwave entrainment, is using NeuralSync™ technology in their products. The answer is no. While they are using the term (which has been claimed as a trademark by … Continue reading

Sound Restores Memory in People with Alzheimer’s

Dementia Treatment with Ultrasound Wishing you Happiness, Tonya

Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain

Its Effects Rival Antidepressants for Depression, Anxiety Meditation Changes the Brain Wishing you Happiness, Tonya