Light years beyond binaural beats

Brainwave entrainment technology of the FUTURE – today. Brainwave entrainment using binaural beats is a thing of the past. Advanced NeuralSync™ technology uses multiple powerful sound frequencies and energetic augmentation that FORCES your brain to STOP producing defective brainwave patterns and OVERRIDES them to create positive neural feedback instead. As you continue use, your brain re-learns to produce healthy, beneficial and healing brainwaves on its own!


"I recently did a small sample of some of the brainwave products out there. LifeFlow™, Equisync®, your demo and Yogic Gold. I have also used brain wave cds before. My reaction to your product was… What the??? Wow.

I have never experienced that before. It was elation, bliss, euphoria on a scale that was out of this world!

In my humblest opinion this the best of all the audio entrainment products I have tried and use. I use Profound Meditation™ and Equisync® at the moment and each product is a unique signature and enlightenment that I have created for myself. Yours however has stolen the show!"


"I couldn't believe the CD was so INTENSE! I actually had to build up a tolerance before I could listen to the full hour. I've never experienced anything like it before!"


I am impressed with the RESULTS. I was in a downer mood with an ego loop running that was creating suffering. I did the demo and the mood was GONE.

This is impressive stuff. Congratulations on "nailing it."


"Due to a chaotic work schedule getting a good night's sleep has always been difficult . NeuralSync™ has changed that. Now I drift into sleep effortlessly and stay asleep all night. Thank you!"

L. M. B. – Praise for DEEP RESTFUL SLEEP

Why do I know what I'm talking about?

My name is Tonya Kopp and I can help you because I've been right where you are now! For much of my life, I struggled with depression, stress and a number of painful physical issues...a culmination of problems that lead me to desperately search anywhere and everywhere for help. For years I tried everything under the sun...but usually ended up the same or worse than I started. Until I discovered "brainwave entrainment" - more advanced than binaural beats- and a whole new world of happiness and healing was revealed!

If you've found this site, chances are you want to solve a problem. It could be anything: Anxiety. Trouble sleeping. Fat. Chronic pain. Stress. Migraines. But whatever it is, you want it gone!

I will show you how to eliminate your problem – simply, effortlessly, and with ease – as easily as slipping on stereo headphones and relaxing to beautiful sounds of nature.

What is brainwave entrainment?

It's a SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED, PROVEN METHODOLOGY that heals any number of mental and physical ailments through specially-targeted sound frequencies.

How is this possible?

A vast body of scientific research has proven that specialized types of sounds and pulses have healing, mood enhancing, and mind-expanding powers so powerful they even influence your physical body. This began with the discovery of binaural beats in 1839 and culminating in the advanced brainwave entrainment technology I offer you today.

Here's how it works: your brain - literally - creates your world and ALL of your life experiences. It controls how your body perceives and responds to stimuli, and even dictates your emotional reactions through the neural patterns in your mind.

When you suffer with a problem - like anxiety, migraines or a tendency to over eat, it is because your brain has developed a dysfunctional neural pattern...and keeps returning to it by default.

In 1839 Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered binaural beats, which led to the further discovery of the frequency following response and the beginnings of the science of brainwave entrainment. This science uses the power of specialized sound to FORCE your brain to stop producing defective brainwave patterns - OVERRIDING them to create positive neural feedback instead. Endorphins are created to alleviate pain, serotonin increases to combat anxiety - happy brain chemicals of all kinds are made in response. And the best news? As you continue with it, your brain re-learns to produce these healthy, beneficial and healing brainwaves on its own!

If you came here searching for a solution to a have found it - with NeuralSync™, my POWERFUL line of breakthrough brainwave entrainment audios with revolutionary exclusive audio technology that far surpasses binaural beats or isochronic tones!

There is a NeuralSync™ audio for almost any need - as well as the option for customized audios for anything you desire: Meditation, Sleep, Anti-aging, Weight loss, Pain relief, Migraines, Depression, Low Energy, Aching Joints, Sexual Dysfunction, Chronic fatigue - and the list goes on...

Read below for just a few of the amazing benefits available with NeuralSync™:

  • RELIEVE Pain Powerfully and NATURALLY
  • Produce VITAL and PLEASURABLE Brain Chemicals
  • RELEASE blocked energies
  • SLEEP soundly and RESTFULLY
  • DEFEAT Depression
  • ELIMINATE stress
  • PURGE past Trauma
  • HEAL emotional damage
  • Improve MENTAL FOCUS
  • ENHANCE Creativity
  • RELAX Deeply and Easily
  • REJUVENATE Your Body at the Cellular Level
  • MEND your body and mind
  • OVERCOME destructive habits

AND for those of you who are interested in exploring the esoteric side of things

  • Intense ECSTASY and PLEASURE
  • Deep, TRANSCENDENT Meditation
  • Legal PSYCHEDELIC and NARCOTIC effects

I've been working on this for over 10 years - I know what I'm talking about and have poured my heart and soul into the creation of NeuralSync™ - IT WORKS!


If you've heard of or used other brainwaves entrainment such as Holosync®, Hemi-Sync®, Brainsync®, Brainwave Generator, Awakened Mind System, NeuroProgrammer™, LifeFlow™, The Morry Method™, Brain Evolution System™, Perfect Meditation, EquiSync® or iNet™, it is important to understand that NeuralSync™ is significantly different and superior to all of them. It is light years beyond traditional sound therapy like binaural beats, isochronic tones or typical meditation programs.

NeuralSync™ technology guides your mind through multiple targeted frequencies, layered processes and energetic augmentation not available in other programs or devices. The proprietary 4-W.T.S.P.™ (4-Wave Tonal Synchronization Process) with Zero-Point Energetic Augmentation is truly revolutionary!

Until NeuralSync™, brainwave entrainment involved inferior linear, single or sequential protocols - such as binaural beats or isochronic tones - that were natively restricted in their ability to affect the natural complex dynamics of the brain. But now, NeuralSync™ significantly improves entrainment by incorporating EIGHT SEPARATE BUT SYNERGISTICALLY-INTERACTIVE DIMENSIONS into a dynamic and cohesive process powerful enough to compel the brain to produce whole-brain synchronization for intense effect. Incredibly superior to binaural beats or isochronic tones, NeuralSync offers an entrainment experience beyond anything you've used before.

The REVOLUTIONARY components in Neuralsync™ are:

NeuralSync™ is the ONLY technology that utilizes FOUR SEPARATE yet synergistically-interactive frequencies precisely calculated to induce each mental state offered in our catalog. Our exclusive 4-W.T.S.P.™ technology creates waves in a balanced 4-dimensional pyramid that are collectively complementary and interactive. Unlike other related programs that use only a single binaural beat or isochronic tone frequency (or several in sequence), NeuralSync™ applies all four simultaneously to immerse your brain into targeted and harmonizing perspectives.

These first four dimensions in NeuralSync™ are further enhanced by:

The frequencies embedded into each NeuralSync™ audio integrate three audible tones with a fourth subliminal pulse. This inclusion of both audible and subliminal entrainment engages brainwaves far more efficiently than single protocols such as standard meditation practices, binaural beats or isochronic tones. Because this waveform is also balanced, it compels both sides of the brain into hemispheric synchronization much more easily and effectively than other methods.

Every NeuralSync™ audio is recorded with full-range frequency sweeps that cycle rhythmically throughout the entire audio. The dynamics of the sweep are then additionally enhanced with simultaneous left-to-right channel crossing. Because of this augmentation, the effects are multiplied, the intensity is amplified and the brain is drawn into the mental state more consistently and powerfully than with the static methods of other protocols.

Every sound within each NeuralSync™ audio – the frequencies and the integrated soundscapes – is enhanced with digital LOSSLESS multi-dimensional audio. This is important for two reasons:

  1. 1. Compressed formats like MP3 do not retain the sound quality necessary for the brain to fully achieve brainwave synchronization – and are too inferior to effectively deliver even binaural beats downloads or isochronic tones properly, much less something as powerful as NeuralSync™. Our lossless audio entrains at the precise level guaranteed to induce the most potent response.
  2. 2. Dimensional sound insures that the brain perceives the entrainment as more realistic, which produces more natural and thorough engagement in each meditation. Not only does this create more pronounced effects and an intensified response, but it also avoids the fatigue generated by overuse of standard sound – as can occur with extended use of other audios.

Of course, dimensional sound is also enjoyable in and of itself, and this is reflected in the lush beauty of the natural soundscapes used in every NeuralSync™ audio.

It is important to note that NeuralSync™ technology is never combined with music. Binaural beats and isochronic tones are far less complex so music is often used. But the constant and fluctuating tones in music compromised and interferes with the effects of the specifically-structured NeuralSync™ waveforms!

Finally (but very exciting!): every audio in the NeuralSync™ catalog is embedded with scalar waves during the recording process. Scalar waves create Zero-Point energy – and this offers tremendous benefits, especially when incorporated with the other components of NeuralSync™.

Scalar waves are a constantly regenerating energy source that imprint a signature on your body with lasting positive effects. They strengthen chemical bonds within DNA, making it more resistant to damage and cleanse blood and cells to improve immune function. They impart energy that helps mental focus, and increase amplitude of all EEG frequencies, but particularly the lower levels where deep rejuvenation, relaxation and healing occur. They leave you feeling refreshed and energized, with lasting pleasant sensations that continue long after each brainwave entrainment session.

Those who study the Law of Attraction are familiar with the Zero-Point Field as the source point for "manifestation" of your desires. Some even call it the connection to the Divine. Scalar waves are an energetic way to assist with elevation of consciousness and achievement of your dreams – a truly unique and beneficial addition to brainwave entrainment ONLY available in Neuralsync™!

NeuralSync™ is the most powerful and direct way to immediately unleash your brain's power to heal, change and overcome all your challenges. Just 60 minutes a day will bring amazing results. GUARANTEED.

Wishing You Health and Happiness,

Tonya Kopp


P.S. — NeuralSync™ is designed to work whether you believe it or not. You can do relaxing meditation or even fall asleep while you use the audios. All I ask is that you listen as often as directed, and note the positive changes. Why not order right now, while it's on your mind? NeuralSync™ is RISK-FREE and backed by a 14-Day GUARANTEE.