Frequencies for meditation, journeys into higher consciousness & physical healing.

The most unique, advanced brainwave entrainment and sound healing available today.

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NeuralSync brainwave entrainment frequencies

The POWER of FREQUENCIES to Restore, Rejuvenate & Heal…

Use NEURALSYNC™  brain entrainment and healing frequencies technology just 60 minutes a day to override faulty, harmful, unhelpful brainwave patterns by replacing them with new, beneficial and healing brainwaves.


“I’ve used MANY brain entrainment and neurofeedback systems (including the $15K 40 Years of Zen program).

The 15 min DEMO you offered was more powerful than anything I’ve experienced to date.

~ K. Baxter

“Thanks immensely Tonya! Your Whole Body Healing has helped heal me from Schizophrenia. And all of your products, including Walk with God – GOOD STUFF Tonya. Thanks again. AWESOME!”

~ L. R. Skinner



NeuralSync™ frequency healing is significantly different from every other brain entrainment, sound healing or subliminal messaging program you’ve used or read about. It is superior to Holosync®, Robert Monroe’s Hemi-Sync® Gateway Experience, EquiSync®, Brainsync®, Awakened Mind System, The Morry Method, Brain Evolution System and iAwake.

Going far beyond traditional sound therapy (binaural beats, isochronic tones, and typical meditation programs), the exclusive healing frequencies in this technology guide your mind through multiple targeted frequencies, layered processes, and energetic bio-scalar boosting to produce whole-brain synchronization more advanced than anything you’ve experienced before.

NeuralSync Meditation Frequencies

Rhythmic Subliminal Entrainment

Incorporating both audible and subliminal entrainment engages your brainwaves far more efficiently than other sound therapies. And because the NeuralSync™ waveform is balanced, both sides of your brain sync up more easily and effectively than with other methods.


NeuralSync Energy Frequencies

Zero-Point Energy Scalar Wave Boosting

Every audio in the NeuralSync™ catalog is embedded with scalar waves to produce Zero-Point energy, especially when used with the other components of NeuralSync™. If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that the Zero-Point Field is the source point for the manifestation of your desires. (Some even call it your connection to the Divine.) Scalar waves are an energetic way to help elevate your consciousness and achieve your dreams – a truly unique and beneficial addition to brainwave entrainment, and ONLY available in Neuralsync™!


NeuralSync Frequencies

Simultaneous Quadruple-Frequency Entrainment

NeuralSync™ is the ONLY frequency healing technology that uses FOUR SEPARATE precise, synergistically interactive frequencies to induce each of the beneficial mental states offered in our catalog. Our EXCLUSIVE 4-W.T.S.P.™ technology creates complementary, interactive waves in a balanced, 4-dimensional pyramid. So, unlike other programs that use a single binaural beat or isochronic tone frequency (or several in sequence), NeuralSync™ applies all four simultaneously to enhance your brainwave patterns in a targeted harmonizing way.

NeuralSync Entrainment


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