About NeuralSync™

NeuralSync™ audios and CDs  with our proprietary 4-Wave Tonal Synchronization Process™ (4-W.T.S.P.™) and  Zero-Point Energetic Augmentation were developed after ten years of experimentation with numerous audio brainwave entrainment techniques: binaural beats, monaural beats and isochronic tones, and combinations of all three.

Though all of the above were effective in their own way, we found they failed as a complete approach to brainwave entrainment. None of them compensated for the fact that each hemisphere of the brain may be in a different frequency state, or that brainwaves are dynamic, constantly changing, and cannot attain hemispheric synchronization when out of balance.

With NeuralSync’s™ 4W.T.S.P.™ technology, regardless of what state each side of your brain is in, a 4-dimensional wave, accompanied by zero point scalar wave energy and a full range frequency-sweep, matches your brain’s own dynamics and challenges it to entrain to the specific frequencies on each audio.

Several years in development, we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from pre-release testing and are excited to offer NeuralSync™  for the first time to the public.