NeuralSync for Ayahuasca

*** WARNING – use of this set is AT YOUR OWN RISK!

2-Audio set:

Track One is integrated with ambient 3D soundscapes that support your journey into the Ayahuasca experience.

Track Two contains pure frequencies only for those who desire more intensity.

The four embedded frequencies induce a sense of omniscience, attunement with the heart chakra, heightened psychic awareness, and solar resonance.

120 minutes total for both audios.





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  • Quite Powerful

    I have really enjoyed using your cds. I’m using the ‘Confidence and Self Love’ daily which is affecting me strongly. ‘Ayahuasca Journey’ is quite powerful and puts me in a very deep meditation (the soundscape is awesome; particularly the thunder!!)

  • OBE on First Try!

    I am a firm believer in these CDs (Astral Projection and OBE on first try with Shamanic CD!)


    I couldn’t believe the CD was so INTENSE! I actually had to build up a tolerance before I could listen to the full hour. I’ve never experienced anything like it before!

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