Break down all barriers to manifesting wealth. The four embedded frequencies repair DNA, open reception to change and facilitate miracles, encourage liberation from fear and guilt, relieve stress and stimulate serotonin production. Choice of male or female Hololiminal™Â  whole-brain affirmations for wealth, prosperity and money attraction.

Integrated with a 3D soundscape of falling rain. 60 minutes.



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  • I Manifested Money

    I am Tyson. I like the manifest wealth Hololiminal™. It is amazing. I have manifested money. Thank you.

  • Thanks For an Amazing Product

    Hi Tonya, thanks for being so responsive. As I mentioned, I have used radionics and brain entrainment for more than two decades, so while the experience was intense for about 5 hours (at which time it dissipated) I also knew that it was working. I got more evidence of that this morning when I went to church and was moved in a way I am normally not. My heart chakra is definitely open more than ever before. Thanks for blending two different energies into one amazing product.

  • Awesome Technology!!

    Love this one! beautiful blend of sound and frequencies with powerful relaxing feeling of relief and prosperity. My mindset is clear with a more relaxed focus in future plans.Also it feels like there is more space inside my head and around me. All this from listening once. Great Work & Awesome Technology!!

  • It Works!

    The wealth Hololiminals™ worked for me…

  • Bonus Received After Listening to Hololiminals™

    After about a month or more of listening to your Manifest Wealth Hololiminals™, I received a month’s salary as a bonus – the first after 3 years in the company.

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