Fight memory loss. The four embedded frequencies induce tri-thalamic entrainment between the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal glands, stimulate Delta waves, and promote internal organ resonance and mental clarity.

Integrated with a 3D soundscape of a crackling camp fire. 60 minutes.



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  • The Whole World Should Know About This

    The whole world should know about what you do for brain entrainment. You seem to have found the key that makes it bring about great results.

    I’ve spent a month using your Memory Support track and it has been quite an experience.The thing about rejuvenating the memory is that you remember things you would rather not, but then there’s no way else to resolve an issue unless you look at it without judging, acknowledge it, and… forgive, is there?

    On the other hand, recall has improved noticeably. There was a point while I was resting when a torrent of long forgotten memories streamed in in amazingly vivid detail – places visited, faces, expressions, sounds, random realizations. I like that recollecting things is so much easier and quicker now and I love the mental clarity that comes along with it. Thank you.

    R. M. – Praise for MEMORY SUPPORT

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