“Renewal” audio set to stunning HD visuals of nature.

Frequencies for Delta and Theta, Cellular Regeneration and Tranquility are integrated with sounds of a babbling brook and water life and the sacred Ho’oponopono cleaning phrases: “Thank You”, “I Love You”, “I’m Sorry”, “Please Forgive Me”.

Also includes Hololiminal™ affirmations for a sense of renewal, relaxation, self-acceptance and joy.

10 minutes in length.

NOTE: This video is over 2 GB in size. It is meant for playing on devices with sufficient processing speed and memory for large video files.


Even More Powerful Combinations...


The entire collection of  mini Ho'oponopono audios and video for only $89.99, a savings of over 30% Tranquility Ho'oponopono Inner Peace Ho'oponopono Joy Ho'oponopono Love Ho'oponopono Renewal Ho'oponopono Renewal Ho'oponopono…

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