Awaken your Third Eye. The four embedded frequencies open the pineal gland – the point of the Third Eye – induce feelings of euphoria, stimulate the frontal brain lobes and encourage tri-thalamic entrainment.

Integrated with a 3D soundscape of a babbling brook. 60 minutes.



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  • Very Calming and Beneficial

    Awesome sounds. They can help bring you all the way from your active Gamma state to the Theta brain wave state in short amount of time. Very calming and beneficial.

  • Surprising Effects

    What I found surprising was that while listening to the track for the first time at a certain point I physically started feeling some pressure (towards a bit of detached, tolerable pain) in the center of my forehead. This let me know it was working. The pressure went away after a while, leaving a comfortable sensation behind, and I simply didn’t feel how the hour went by – it was a pleasure! More interestingly, I went to sleep after that and had my first non-accidental lucid dream. Amazing!

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