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Expanded Consciousness has multiple layers of frequencies to amplify your psychic and intuitive abilities and enhance your connection to a greater awareness.

  • 741 Hz to Awaken Intuition
  • 852 Hz for a Return to Spiritual Order
  • Psychic Expansion sweep
  • Lilly waves in Delta and Theta
  • Rife frequencies for muscle relaxation

Integrated with a soundscape of ocean breeze and intermittent singing bowls. 30 minutes.

You can watch it by clicking the image above.

YouTube compression does not translate the zero-point energy effects.


Custom Rife Recording

A Rife audio made to your specifications of the frequencies used, up to 2 hours long. Delivered in 7 days as a downloadable file.


Lyme Disease Sweep

Over 3 hours of Rife frequencies to address the effects of Lyme Disease as you sleep. A “sweep” includes all known frequencies related to the condition being addressed.

AMD/Macular Degeneration

Bladder/Urinary Tract Infections

Ear (Tinnitis)


Encephalitis Sweep

Eyesight (Improvement & Health)


Facial Paralysis

Herpes Simplex 1

Herpes Simplex 2

If you would like to see a specific Rife audio created, feel
free to contact me

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