Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Healing with Zero-point energy.

Ho’oponopono Hawaiian Energy Clearing Audios

Set to beautiful 3D soundscapes of nature, the world’s only Zero-Point Energy cleaning audios featuring revolutionary NeuralSync™ technology, subliminally incorporate the sacred phrases of H’ooponopono healing and guide your mind into contact with the Divine source. Four separate interactive frequencies – along with scalar waves that create Zero-Point Energy – are the basis for the recordings. They are intended to produce a profound feeling of unity, peace and connection with the Divine.

Zero-Point Energy is the energy of the original source – God/Universe/Creation – and it is what makes these audios so unique.

A subliminal soundtrack with the repeating phrases “I’m Sorry”, “Please Forgive Me”, “Thank You” and “I Love You” has been embedded into each audio. While making the recordings and creating this page, I also prayed and cleaned. As we clean to enter the Divine state, these Ho’oponopono audios were created to help everyone clean through multiple levels of consciousness. I Love You!

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