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NeuralSync™ on YouTube

Sample a collection of videos using NeuralSync™ brainwave entrainment technology on our YouTube channel:

AT EASE releases serotonin, induces Alpha brainwaves, vibrates with the Schumann (or Earth) resonance and stimulates tri-thalamic synchronicity.

BLISS stimulates the Root chakra for a sense of security, resonates with and enhances the heart’s love energy, opens inner awareness and stimulates sensations of euphoric bliss.

INTENSE FOCUS stimulates problem solving and sudden insight, enhances retention of new information, fosters long-term memory and induces Alpha learning state.

THIRD EYE AWAKENING induces feelings of euphoria, stimulatae the frontal brain lobes and encourages tri-thalamic entrainment to open the pineal gland.


Visit the channel here: