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OmHarmonics Does Not Use NeuralSync™Technology 2022

Update, 2021. This question continues to come up, so am reiterating that there is no connection between NeuralSync™ and Mind Valley (previously OmHarmonics) in any way.

I have been asked a number of times if OmHarmonics, another producer of brainwave entrainment, is using NeuralSync™ technology in their products. The answer is no. While they are using the term (which has been claimed as a trademark by me since 2010), they do not have any association with NeuralSync™.

This is not to speak derogatorily of OmHarmonics or MindValley in any way. They appear to have quality programs, but are not connected with mine at all. When I do secure the trademark officially (my attorney advised me to develop a dominant presence with the NeuralSync™ name before continuing), I will contact OmHarmonics about removing NeuralSync™ from their descriptions and site.

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