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Deep, Healing Sleep (Updated for 2022)

Sleep is a crucial component to health and well-being for every person. Yet lack of sleep, the inability to fall asleep or poor quality sleep is an all too common problem in modern society  – as demonstrated by the plethora of pharmaceuticals created for the millions who suffer from sleeplessness.


Updated for 2021: NeuralSync™ now has four audios specifically created for those who have trouble sleeping: Fall Asleep, Deep Restful Sleep, Sleep with Memory Enhancement and the just-released Sleep Healing with Ho’oponopono audio.


If you have difficulty getting to sleep once you turn in for the night, Fall Asleep is made for you.  The frequencies embedded into the audio lead you gently into slumber and generate feelings of safety and inner peace. While you are sleeping, the Zero-Point Energy circulates through your body in conjunction with the frequencies and encourages deeper rest and healing.


If you are able to fall asleep easily but wake frequently or are a “light” sleeper, then Deep Restful Sleep is made for you. The Zero-Point Energy benefits are the same but the frequencies are tailored to induce a sedative effect that encourages deep sleep, along with nerve regeneration and deep mental and physical relaxation.

Any of the sleep audios can be placed on a “repeat” or “loop” setting to play all night, ensuring healthy rest without addictive and expensive drugs. Simple stereo earbuds are all you need to take advantage of a good night’s rest, or you can order soft wrap-around headphones specially made for nighttime use here.


And the best part? Over time, your mind will train itself to generate the sleeping brainwave patterns on its own so you will sleep peacefully with or without the audios. A win/win!