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Embedded with frequencies in Delta that encourage profound relaxation
and feelings of tranquility, cultivates a sense of belonging with the
Earth Resonance and Heart Chakra frequencies and also opens mental
awareness to the Astral Realm. Integrated with a soundscape of a summer waterfall. 20 minutes.

Frequencies to help eliminate anxiety based on theories from Dr.
Royal Rife’s
research, along with Schumann Resonance and Delta waves for
deep relaxation. Integrated with a soundscape of a crackling fire. 10 minutes.

Enter Samadhi consciousness and activate Kundalini energy. Subliminals
for personal success and Ho’oponopono clearing, along with Rife
frequencies for regeneration & healing complete the audio. Integrated with a soundscape of falling rain. 15 minutes.

INNER JOURNEYDelta, Theta and 432 Hz Healing frequencies are combined in dual
layering with those for Tri-thalamic entrainment, Unity with All and
Shamanic Journeying. Integrated with a soundscape of a garden with wind chimes and flowing water. 20 minutes.


Embedded with frequencies that soothe anger and irritability, stimulate
sensations of relief, heal past trauma and induce Theta waves. Integrated with a soundscape of a distant thunderstorm. 15 minutes.