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Protecting Your Health

The novel Coronavirus is dominating the news again with new variants and rising cases. Regardless of your views on vaccination, there are additional ways to protect your health naturally. Rife frequencies are potent weapons against the effects of the virus on our bodies.

Because I have received a number of requests, I created a new Rife audio that combines the exact sequence that Dr. Rife used against coronavirus strains along with frequencies for lung health as well as lymphatic and full body detoxification to purge spike proteins. It is available here.

Rife audios are used by placing headphones onto your body to allow the frequencies to pass through via the fluids within. For this track’s best effect, put the headphones around your solar plexus and let the audio play while you rest or sleep. Hydrate well before and during the session.

The video below that I posted some time ago on YouTube is also free resource against the virus.

Rife Frequencies for Coronavirus and Immune System Stimulation

Be Well.