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Custom Rife Recordings, Lyme Disease & Other New Releases

I’ve just released 2 new major Rife audios: Custom Rife recordings with the ability to select up to 2 hours of frequencies and a Rife sweep for Lyme disease.

A number of people have asked me what a “sweep” is. Essentially, it is a collection of all known Rife frequencies related to the particular condition that are recorded into a single audio. This allows targeting the problem from every possible angle. I’ve also been asked if the Rife recordings are augmented with Zero Point Energy – the answer is “yes”. All NeuralSync™ audios and videos are created with scalar waves.

Another new release is Aura Cleanse, originally a YouTube video and now available as a download by request.

Lastly, please enjoy my latest video. It includes exploration into some new frequency waves that have promising aspects for further creation down the road.

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