Rife Frequencies: MOR Therapy for Healing

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Experience the Power of NeuralSync Rife Frequency Recordings

Rife frequencies have garnered well-deserved attention since their inception in the 1940s. Dr. Royal Rife, a pioneering researcher, discovered the profound impact of radio waves on disease-causing organisms within our bodies. He went on to develop Rife Frequencies, which emulate the unique electromagnetic patterns of bacteria and viruses. By reaching the Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR) of these microorganisms, Rife frequencies effectively neutralize them.

But how does this groundbreaking therapy actually work? The findings of scientists like Nikola Tesla and Dr. Rife have demonstrated that everything in existence possesses its own resonant frequency. Furthermore, they have shown that these frequencies can be introduced into the body to yield significant health benefits. Remarkably, sound is up to five times more potent in water than in air, and considering that humans are composed of up to 60% water, the application of MOR therapy through Rife frequencies becomes an extraordinarily powerful tool.

Are you concerned about a family history of Alzheimer’s or burdened by persistent back pain? MOR therapy can alleviate symptoms not only through its unique frequencies but also by inducing meditative effects via the integration of Zero-point energy augmentation. Scientific research has underscored the immediate and substantial benefits of meditation on various aspects of health, including blood pressure, pain management, mental well-being, and even cancer prevention.

In the realm of audio-based healing, MOR therapy stands out as the ultimate detoxification method.

Which conditions can MOR therapy effectively address?

While Rife frequencies serve as an excellent complement to your overall health, you might be intrigued by one of their most exceptional attributes: their ability to specifically target bacteria and viruses within your body.

According to Dr. Rife’s meticulous records, MOR therapy can effectively combat at least 24 microorganisms, including tuberculosis, anthrax, cholera, tetanus, B. coli, influenza, spinal meningitis, pneumonia, syphilis, gonorrhea, leprosy, streptococcus, conjunctivitis, bubonic plague, staphylococcus, diphtheria, and typhoid.

How can you embark on MOR therapy?

While purchasing a Rife machine or equipment is one option, it’s important to note that these can be quite expensive, often costing thousands of dollars. That’s precisely why I’ve developed MOR therapy audios that offer a completely unique solution! With these audios, you can now make MOR therapy an affordable and accessible part of your daily routine, without the need for specialized devices or software.

Unsure about where to begin? Experience the benefits firsthand by trying my free Rife frequency and binaural audio specifically designed to alleviate anxiety. If you find it helpful, I invite you to explore the entire range of our comprehensive Rife frequency catalog. Feel free to reach out to me with suggestions for new audios to be added to our expanding catalog.

Discover the transformative potential of NeuralSync Rife Frequency Recordings today and unlock a new level of wellness and vitality in your life.

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