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Say Goodbye To Migraines

Imagine you slept through your alarm, your family is upset with you, and you have 3 missed calls from your boss. Anytime you go through moderate stress, it’s very common to develop headaches, and, perhaps, why it’s so common for us to self-medicate for them.

However, sometimes, we develop headaches without any stress at all. Some will get headaches from waking up too early, or even experiencing a change in humidity and air pressure. Other people have chronic migraines and headaches due to disease or reasons for which they have no explanations.

Scientists and doctors have been interested in the effects of brainwave entrainment (BWE) on headaches for decades. In one study, BWE was used to treat seven sufferers of migraine headaches, one of whom couldn’t find relief from drug treatments. Out of the 50 migranes studied total, 49 were rated by subjects as being “helped,” and 36 were stopped altogether.

Why does BWE work for headaches and migraines? A 2008 review of BWE literature found that delta stimulation was effective for improving migraines, other headaches, and an overall reduction in short-term stress. Delta brainwaves, as I covered in past blog posts, are between 0.2 to 3.9 Hz, and are generally associated with accelerating physical healing, production of HGH (human growth hormone), cell regeneration, and the immune system. They also support anti-aging in the body.

However, beta brain waves are also proven for putting the brain in a more relaxed state. When you’re having trouble with focusing, or you’re overwhelmed with anxiety, beta frequencies often help improve your everyday functioning.

NeuralSync™ utilizes multiple frequencies for your specific needs, and, to make the most of your delta brain waves against headaches and migraines, I’ve created two separate audios for you to address them.

The first, Headache Gone, is designed for headaches that are specifically caused by stress or tension. It includes four embedded frequencies which will stimulate beta endorphins and release of opiates for pain relief, induced relaxation, and relieve stress.

Is your migraine beyond stress or tension-related causes? The second, No More Migraine, is designed for you. Find relief with frequencies that stimulate beta endorphins and release of opiates for pain relief, induced sedation, and increased production of potassium.

If you’ve been searching for alternative methods to treat your headaches, NeuralSync™ audios are an effective option to consider.

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