I am happy to assist with recommendations for your individual situation or needs. Please recognize that I do not offer personal therapy sessions or devote time to questions asked out of idle curiosity. Dialogues will be limited to brief product recommendations and guidance on use. This is an online business, all consultations are handled via email, I do not respond to phone calls. Send your inquiry to neuralsync @

For obvious reasons, I do not discuss specifics of the proprietary process by which NeuralSync™ is made, please do not ask. I also do not engage in debates comparing NeuralSync™ with other programs or products. If you have questions about other brainwave entrainment options, please ask the makers of those programs directly. Or draw your own comparisons by sampling the demos that most of us have available.

I do not participate in affiliate or reseller programs, please don’t write to me asking about them.  I do create custom audios for individual situations, more information here.

If you are interested in the research upon which NeuralSync™ is based, you will find ample resources to peruse here.

I answer ALL emails within 24-48 hours. Whitelist and If you do not receive a reply from me within that time frame, please check your spam folder for a response and/or resend the message due to email filtering out of my control.