HOLOLIMINALS™ are NeuralSync’s™ uniquely advanced system to induce whole-brain processing of subliminal affirmations.

Using “stereo confusion” positive assertions are delivered to the right brain while problem-solving questions are given to the left, so that each hemisphere of the mind is targeted according to its specific strengths. A third and deeper dimension is added when both sets of affirmations are mixed into “reverse speech” and layered into the audio for your subconscious to unravel and assimilate. This tri-targeted method assures that your brain is fully involved in processing the affirmations from all levels.

Hololiminals™ are offered in both female and male voices. The choice of which to select is really up to you. There are studies that have shown that both men and women will respond to a female’s voice as they would a supportive motherly figure. There are also people who prefer to hear the voice of their own gender as they feel they respond more intuitively. So, make the decision according to whichever resonates with you personally.

Please note that some people report hearing the Hololiminals™ as whispers while others don’t hear them at all. Either way, your brain still understands and processes the affirmations. Due to the left/right brain tuning, you also may hear the Hololiminals™ differently in each ear at the beginning and end of each recording. All of this is normal and does not impact their effectiveness.

All audios using Hololiminal™ affirmations may be found in the Law of Attraction section of the current catalog.