HOLOLIMINALS™ are NeuralSync’s™ uniquely advanced system to induce whole-brain processing of subliminal affirmations and messaging.


Using “stereo confusion” positive assertions are delivered to the right brain while problem-solving questions are given to the left, so that each hemisphere of the mind is targeted according to its specific strengths. A third and deeper dimension is added when both sets of affirmations are mixed into “reverse speech” and layered into the audio for your subconscious to unravel and assimilate. This tri-targeted method assures that your brain is fully involved in processing the affirmations from all levels.

Hololiminals™ are offered in both female and male voices. The choice of which to select is really up to you. There are studies that have shown that both men and women will respond to a female’s voice as they would a supportive motherly figure. There are also people who prefer to hear the voice of their own gender as they feel they respond more intuitively. So, make the decision according to whichever resonates with you personally.

brain entrainment neuralsync

Please note that some people report hearing the Hololiminals™ as whispers while others don’t hear them at all. Either way, your brain still understands and processes the affirmations. Due to the left/right brain tuning, you also may hear the Hololiminals™ differently in each ear at the beginning and end of each recording. All of this is normal and does not impact their effectiveness.

All audios using Hololiminal™ affirmations may be found in the Law of Attraction section of the current catalog.


"Here’s a great update. I felt a soft glow spread over me starting from my head and it spread to my body as I began listening to the confidence and love audio at bedtime. It’s how the wealth and abundance audios felt at the beginning. There’s more to share but I will report back. Have great weekend!"

"I used it when my head hurt and it instantly calmed down and it didn't hurt during the rest of the day."

"DMT is Great!!! Hello Tonya. I've been using Audio DMT for about three weeks now. The effect is great!"

"I just want to let you know that Jada is doing much better thanks to your advice. She has been listening to Transcendence since Feb. 18th. After just 3 or 4 nights of the meditation, I noticed she was joking and feeling much lighter and happier. She noticed this herself after about 5 or 6 days. She then said that she had a dream the past night where a child was tapping her on her shoulder from behind and wanting her to do fun things with her. She took the child’s hand and did what the child requested and had fun. She realized that she was the child and was being told to be more like she was at that age; happy, more carefree and enjoying life."

"So far, I’ve listened to the first 2 audios you recommended I listen to for the first 45 days while I sleep on loop. I feel like they relaxed me, and I would sleep super soundly, I even had a streak of
lottery wins, almost winning either free plays or money of both for pretty much the entire 45 day stretch, and quite a lot of unexpected cheques come in from residual payments from film work that I’ve done
for the past 8 years which has been amazing."


Hello, I have successfully downloaded all of the tracks. Great, thank you once again!

I am happy that the backgrounds of the tracks are different even when there is “Thunderstorm” or “Ocean waves”. Of course that doesn’t apply for “Rain” and “Wind” but I like that as well. These two are special in their own way, meaning meditative because of their flowing characteristic. But wait there is one “Rain” track which has this loop design – with this repeating sequence of drops… I like this special.

What I like most – many things:

~That on Third Eye Awakening and a few others the humming sounds are coming to attention (even more with my pretty close to high end source, head amp and phones)
~The power of the billows and that the “open water” ocean wave sound differently. First one has pictures, feelings and memories of Portugal and its southern coast coming to my mind. Second type of waves has this certain 3D effect going through the brain.
~The babbling brook, where one seems to float on open landscape and the other one feels smaller and must actually float through a  “forester free” mixed forest. So calming, taking away those things. I guess even the animals don’t make a noise an just listen…
~The different types of thunder, that they are so on point, powerful and rumbling. Am I wrong, or are there less and less lightening over the last years? Just over here? I remember being a child and there have definitely been more thunders and the color of the sky was much clearer! Even bees are letting their colleagues know that there is poison being sprayed when they return into the stock.

I have some other music with thunder-background but they never feel as organic, sublime and elevating! Sometimes I surf on that thunder and your thunder tracks bring back those mysterious old mystic memories.

Eternal Youth is just great, that there are so many details built in. I don’t recognize any of those birds in your tracks but that animal or whatever shows up around minute 40 on Eternal Youth – what’s that? where does it come from? Must be the sound of one of those rainforest frogs after you have liked it’s back

Success! is where the wind chimes feel too dominant to my ears. (Note: an alternative Success! soundtrack is on the way for those who aren’t fond of chimes.) The fire tracks on the other audios have only to be turned down a little bit. Then they are a wonderful alternative to the water. Clearly, it’s water that communicates best with our feelings.  I wonder what these relatively intense fire cracks do to brain patterns. (Note: The fire soundscape was chosen for use on certain tracks because it compliments the ability to focus/concentrate or brings the idea of warmth to mind, which helps create a mindset of comfort for joint healing.)

I can’t help it, but I strongly believe that brainwave entrainment is among the most intelligent music to be listened to.  Like people say that Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Classic music comes somehow from out of space and has such a positive effect. We know how plants flourish when – I remember this outstanding gardener who probably grows the best herbs in Austria- who plays music for his plant and does these freaky things with his water…

There is so much pollution everywhere! I am pretty concerned what I take up with my senses. Your programs are great! I somehow can imagine how much dedication you have put into this  project. Getting the knowledge, reading, studying, buying equipment, trial and error, computer doesn’t work… and you managed to provide these great sounding, nourishing, dimensional landscapes.

"This really works, thank you Tonya!"

C. C.

"I have recommended you to many, many people! Love what you do!"

F. O.

"I just bought the sleep / healing track and had a positive experience on my first listen. I have been having some issues recovering from surgery and I have had sleep issues for years; primarily initially falling asleep."

"I have been listening to it since I've recovered from COVID two months ago. I will listen to it indefinitely. It helped me A LOT. God bless you. Please keep making these programs to help people."

"The audios have soothed my mind and body, sometimes I forget where I am (in the sense of what radical shifts for the better I experience). Thank you!!!"

W. K.

“Hi Tonya, thanks for being so responsive. As I mentioned, I have used radionics and brain entrainment for more than two decades, so while the experience was intense for about 5 hours (at which time it dissipated) I also knew that it was working. I got more evidence of that this morning when I went to church and was moved in a way I am normally not. My heart chakra is definitely open more than ever before. Thanks for blending two different energies into one amazing product.”

G. E.

"Thank you so much. I believe in your work and appreciate the high quality sound files."

Y. Y.

"I listened to this at noon. Got home and checked 3 lotto tickets I had and two of three were winning tickets. Wow n wow!"

T. J.

"I’ve been struggling and this honestly raised my energy but my dog wasn’t sure if he liked it or not. He’s smiling so I think he digs it as well. Thank you!"

Z. A.

"Ok this is really good Tonya ngl and the chakra ho‘oponopono is also really nice."

J. F.

"Absolutely fabulous product as always Tonya!!! Thank you."

E. L.

"Hi, great programs having also used Holosync and Brainwave over the years. Thanks and nice work, really enjoying them!"

D. P.

"I’ve been using the Happiness! audio for the past week. I have noticed a great improvement in my attitude and my willingness to engage with people. I plan to purchase a Rife for arthritis soon."

S. R.

“The videos are amazing, top-of-the-line, best-in-the-business. Omg! I didn't know I had so much going on in my chakras. I instantly fell asleep and woke up a different person.

M. H.

"I am very pleased with this and my other purchases."

I. D.
"Tonya, thanks for creating some great programs. I have been using binaural beats for years and this has to be one of the best programs I have ever experienced."
D. J.

"NeuralSync is by FAR the most superior of ALL brainwave entrainment audios. I currently own eleven of them and still going!"

R. C.

"Thank you very much Tonya...I think your recordings are working, I remember my dreams and I can see what my subconscious mind is working on."

W. K.

"Hi Tonya, thanks for being so responsive. As I mentioned, I have used radionics and brain entrainment for more than two decades, so while the experience was intense for about 5 hours (at which time it dissipated) I also knew that it was working. I got more evidence of that this morning when I went to church and was moved in a way I am normally not. My heart chakra is definitely open more than ever before. Thanks for blending two different energies into one amazing product."

J. M.

"Dear Tonya, I absolutely adored the sample that you so kindly sent...Thank you for the wonderful work that you do...so beautifully calming in this fast paced world."

L. M.

"The samples that you sent me I felt they were the BEST of all that is out there in the market today. I don't want
to just go and tell a lot of people and hurt other people's business who are creating these, I will let people find through their own way of working thru their karma and get to your

Yours are the BEST."

R. K.

"Received my Sleep CD...LOVE IT!!!!"

N. D. R.

"What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so, so much for sending along the link to the Alignment demo. Your generosity is greatly appreciated, and what's more, it's heartening to know that Kindness and Integrity are not antiquated qualities.

Take care and be well."

S. W.

"Thank You for the beautiful WAV file and the updates! Have very much enjoyed the CD with the Ocean Soundscape that purchased from you last year."

"I’d like to take the opportunity to say how impressed I’ve been by entrainment technology (and Neuralsync™ in particular), which I stumbled across on YouTube somehow. Entrainment seems to be quite a powerful tool for health and personal development.

Thanks again for your kindness and generosity."


S. J.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Your products are very good!!

Thank you."

S. C.

Thank you for caring enough to reach out and attempting to help. It means a lot. I consider your entrainment programs quite strong and powerful!

D. M.

I have downloaded all your samples. They are excellent...God Bless you and I am grateful to you.

S. B.

"Tonya, I'm using your Neuralsync™ recordings. AMAZING.

This is funny...I'm listening to ADRENAL HEALING right this minute! That one is really working for me. Settles my brain down and I just feel better all the way around.

I've used a number of products to help with brain wave management, if I can call it that. Not that anyone else's was bad, but yours is by far the best. I get in a zone fast and stay there for hours after listening."

Thank you.

Best, Steffi.


L. D.

This is to say thanks for a great experience with your audios. I have used Holosync and LifeFlow and recently used neuroVector, which is like a turbocharged version of bwe that leaves both of the previous ones behind. Don’t get me wrong,these programs have their good qualities and are effective in bringing about a positive state of mind – after all, it’s only because we have issues to resolve that we turn to these entrainment methods.

NeuralSync™, however, is something else: it’s not easy to quantify, but I would describe it as a very subtly refined system with very rounded effects. The mental state it helps to bring about is deep. I find myself almost imperturbable, now, really cool, more so than with any other system. It’s a lovely, awakened feeling of happiness.

I would recommend NeuralSync™ to anyone looking for a clear, brightly energetic state of mind, a calm intuitiveness that knows not only when to attend to things, but what proportion of effort is
required. It’s given me an inner joy that can only be felt to be believed. The programs I speak for are Eternal Youth and Extraordinary Intuition. I wouldn’t mind trying a couple of others, after following the protocol needed for these. Warmest Regards.”


T. M.

“I couldn’t believe the CD was so INTENSE! I actually had to build up a tolerance before I could listen to the full hour. I’ve never experienced anything like it before!


Z. C.

“Last night was the 2nd time I fell asleep to Zen trance. It was the first astral projection that I was comfortable with. I really am very happy that I made that purchase.”

C. S. – Praise for ZEN TRANCE

A. O.

Your work is very effective. Thank you.”


R. M.

“After about a month or more of listening to your Manifest Wealth Hololiminals™, I received a month’s salary as a bonus – the first after 3 years in the company.”

R. M. – Praise for MANIFEST WEALTH

“I am a firm believer in these CDs (Astral Projection and OBE on first try with Shamanic CD!)”


H. R. D. B.

“Please kindly know that I’ve been practicing almost daily your audios that I purchased last February…and I can tell you that your technologies have helped make a profound and positive impact in my life…and I’m very thankful to you for that. Also, I’ve always appreciated your most thoughtful and detailed correspondences that we’ve exchanged in the past. Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of yours and of your work!”


T. J.

“What I found surprising was that while listening to the track for the first time at a certain point I physically started feeling some pressure (towards a bit of detached, tolerable pain) in the center of my forehead. This let me know it was working. The pressure went away after a while, leaving a comfortable sensation behind, and I simply didn’t feel how the hour went by – it was a pleasure! More interestingly, I went to sleep after that and had my first non-accidental lucid dream. Amazing!


D. V. B.

“I have enjoyed the “Confidence” download.  I have been able to notice many “shifts and changes” with it.”


E. G.

“The state Zen Trance creates is amazing!”

E. G. – Praise for ZEN TRANCE

N. B.

“It’s one of the few that I can listen to for hours. Very calming.”

I listen to disc 1 during a trading session on the stock exchange – very calming during stressful periods and at the same time the brain remains concentrated and clear. I also like to sleep under this noise – it’s one of the few that I can listen to for hours. The main background is the soft sound of rain, but there are also obviously additional frequencies favorably affecting the psyche. Recommend

N. B. – Praise for CANNABIS

V. S.

“The wealth Hololiminals™ worked for me…”

V. S. – Praise for MANIFEST WEALTH

L. S.

“Thank you so much!! FYI he absolutely LOVES the other recordings! Especially the sleep one, he says it’s the first one that really works and he has tried Kelly Howell’s and iAwake’s and others…”


C. S.

“As always, thank you so much for your help. Before I had your product I was generally a grumpy moody person. Its been about 4 months and it’s quite noticeable I’m consistently a happy guy and have a very positive attitude. When I wake up in the morning instead of thinking UGH another day it’s, “OK, what great things are coming today?!”


V. M.

“I tried an intuition track last night and got a nice astral projection…I have tried all the WAV’s I purchased and I like them alot.”


D. A.

“I have experienced several binaural, subliminals etc. NeuralSync™ seems to be the most effective for me by far, thx…”

D. A. – Praise for ENDLESS RAIN OF MONEY video

The whole world should know about what you do for brain entrainment. You seem to have found the key that makes it bring about great results.

I’ve spent a month using your Memory Support track and it has been quite an experience.The thing about rejuvenating the memory is that you remember things you would rather not, but then there’s no way else to resolve an issue unless you look at it without judging, acknowledge it, and… forgive, is there?

On the other hand, recall has improved noticeably. There was a point while I was resting when a torrent of long forgotten memories streamed in in amazingly vivid detail – places visited, faces, expressions, sounds, random realizations. I like that recollecting things is so much easier and quicker now and I love the mental clarity that comes along with it. Thank you.”

R. M. – Praise for MEMORY SUPPORT

L. B.

“I have been using the Success! Hololiminal™ audio for 6 months now.   At first, I didn’t notice anything ground breaking.   Maybe a slight increase in confidence in business situations.   However over about a month of continual use, the effects became more profound.  I had a strong sense of confidence and I was passing that along to prospects in meetings.  My close rate went from around 55% up to over 80% since I have been using the audio.  Also,  it seems that during both in-person meetings as well as telephone meetings, I seem to know exactly what to say and  the proper response to each question that prospects and clients have, right away.  No thinking, just a great response.  This is something that many times I had before, but not ALL THE TIME!  Now I know exactly what to say and when to say it, in order to keep things moving in the direction that I want it to go from a business perspective.  I would definitely recommend this program for any person who owns their own business or works in a professional/business environment.”

L. B. – Praise for SUCCESS!

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