Rife Frequencies for Immune Support (with Ho’oponopono)

I’ve been creating some new audios and videos to help boost the immune system during this time of Covid-19. Here is the latest.

This video includes frequencies to support the immune system and flush lymphatic toxins. It is based on theories from Royal Rife’s research. I’ve also recorded Heart tones for Love and added Ho’oponopono subliminals as well, you can read about them here. The soundscape is ocean waves and gulls on a beach shoreline.

Please use stereo headphones while listening for the strongest effect.

YouTube compression does not allow for the complete audio and scalar energy effects. A free full strength audio-only version is available for download here.

Be Well.


Frequencies for Health

The topic of disease is rampant in the news today. Everywhere you look, there is alarming information about the possible spread of viruses – and comparatively little being said about the benefits of boosting health. 

However, even during the worst epidemics in history – plague, smallpox, influenza – it was those with weakened immunity who succumbed.

Since you have found NeuralSync™, you are familiar with my approach to wellness through sound therapy. In response to the current perceived crisis, I’ve created a complimentary audio with frequencies to benefit the immune system.  

They are layered in progression:

  • Adrenal Stimulation
  • Lymphatic Detoxification
  • Immune System Boost
  • Healing and Regeneration
  • Relaxation

Immune Support is 15 minutes long and integrated with a soundscape of birds by a rushing stream. 

My gift to you.

Be Well.


Ho’oponopono Audios


Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice that involves clearing negativity from one’s mind to allow forgiveness and transcendence instead.

Emulating  this process with NeuralSync™, I have created a number of recordings specifically based on the concepts of Love and Forgiveness.

Within each Ho’oponopono audio, a subliminal soundtrack with the phrases “I’m Sorry”, “Please Forgive Me”, “Thank You” and “I Love You” has been embedded – as well as frequencies that resonate with Love. While making each audio I prayed and cleared  to help cleanse and purify my intent and the end result.

Three new audios have just become available, they are listed below. You can read a bit more about my approach to Ho’oponopono on this page.

Christ Consciousness NeuralSync

Wishing you Happiness,


P. S. Some mini-audios to try available HERE.

When You Connect to Yourself

Excellent insight into the value of longer periods of meditation by Kyle Cease:

Wishing you Happiness.