Chakra Awakening and Balance


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Awaken and align your seven chakras. Sequenced from the Root chakra through the Crown chakra, four embedded frequencies are specifically selected for each center to individually stimulate and balance while harmonizing all as a whole:

Root Chakra: Frequencies to revitalize your root chakra, facilitate DNA repair, increase desire for life, induce Alpha brainwave state and encourage healing.

Sacral Chakra: Frequencies to reduce stress, increase awareness of bodily imbalances and intuitive correction, and induce “flow” state and relaxation.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Frequencies to facilitate “centering” and transcendental visualization, understanding of mind/body connection and self-awareness.

Heart Chakra: Frequencies to encourage Love of Life, Self and others, support the immune system, possibly lower blood pressure and release Serotonin.

Throat Chakra: Frequencies that support the speech center and communication, induce center Alpha “bridge” between conscious and subconscious minds, stimulate mental clarity and relaxed alertness.

Third Eye Chakra: Frequencies that stimulate the Third Eye and awaken insight and intuition, enhance joy and encourage visualization

Crown Chakra: Frequencies that awaken mental clarity and knowledge of oneness with the Universe, induce euphoria and enhance spiritual perception

ALL CHAKRAS: Interwoven with an additional frequency for harmony and balance.

Integrated with a 3D soundscape of hypnotic ocean waves. Choice of 30 minutes (4.5 minutes per chakra) or 60 minutes (9 minutes per chakra) in length.

Suggested use: Meditate with the audio during the early morning or evening. Alternatively, listen right before falling asleep.