Rife Frequencies Universal Microorganism/Parasite/Virus Sweep


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Over 6 hours of Rife frequencies to combat detrimental microorganisms while you sleep. A “sweep” includes all known frequencies related to the condition. Included in the audio are frequencies addressing:

Gram Negative Bacteria
Gram Positive Bacteria
Mold and Fungus
Parasites Ancylostoma Braziliense
Parasites Ancylostoma Caninum
Parasites Ascaris
Parasites Ascaris Megalocephala
Parasites Capillaria Hepatica
Parasites Clonorchis Sinensis
Parasites Cryptocotyle Lingua
Parasites Echinoparyphium Recurvatum
Parasites Enterobiasis
Parasites Enterobius Vermicularis
Parasites Eurytrema Pancreaticum
Parasites Fasciola Hepatica
Parasites Fasciola Hepatica Cercariac
Parasites Fasciola Hepatica Eggs
Parasites Fasciola Hepatica Miracidia
Parasites Fasciola Hepatica Rediae
Parasites Fasciolopsis Buskii Adult
Parasites Fasciolopsis Buskil Eggs
Parasites Fasciolopsis Cercariae
Parasites Fasciolopsis Miracidia
Parasites Fasciolopsis Rediae
Parasites Filariose
Parasites Fischoedrius Elongatus
Parasites Flukes Blood
Parasites Flukes General (Pancreatic, Liver, And Intestinal)
Parasites Flukes General Short Set
Parasites Flukes Intestinal
Parasites Flukes Lymph
Parasites Flukes Pancreatic
Parasites Flukes Sheep Liver
Parasites Follicular Mange
Parasites Gastrothylax Elongatus
Parasites General 1
Parasites General 2
Parasites General 3
Parasites General Comprehensive 4
Parasites General Short Set
Parasites Giardia
Parasites Giardia Lamblia
Parasites Gyrodactylus
Parasites Haemonchus Contortus
Parasites Heartworms
Parasites Helminthsporium (Worm Eggs)
Parasites Hookworm
Parasites Leishmania Braziliensis
Parasites Leishmania Donovani
Parasites Leishmania Mexicana
Parasites Leishmania Tropica
Parasites Loa Loa
Parasites Macracanthorhynchus
Parasites Metagonimus Yokogawai
Parasites Nematode
Parasites Onchocerca Volvulus
Parasites Paragonimus Westermanil
Parasites Passalurus Ambiguus
Parasites Roundworms Comprehensive
Parasites Roundworms General
Parasites Scabies
Parasites Schistosoma Haematobium (blood flukes)
Parasites Schistosoma Mansoni (blood fluke which can cause symptoms identical to hepatitis C)
Parasites Stephanurus Dentalus (ova)
Parasites Strongyloides (threadworm, genus of roundworms)
Parasites Strongyloides Secondary
Parasites Tapeworms
Parasites Tapeworms Echinococcinum
Parasites Tapeworms Secondary
Parasites Trichinella Spiralis
Parasites Trichinosis
Parasites Trichomonas Vaginalis
Parasites Trichuris
Parasites Trypanosoma Brucel
Parasites Trypanosoma Cruzi
Parasites Trypanosoma Equiperdum
Parasites Trypanosoma Gambiense
Parasites Trypanosoma Lewisi
Parasites Trypanosoma Rhodesiense
Parasites Turbatrix
Parasites Urocleidus
Viral Complex

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