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A Client’s Thoughts about NeuralSync™

A client  who has purchased a number of NeuralSync™ audios recently sent me his thoughts about them. I asked for his permission to publish what he wrote because it gives a unique point of view and some interesting insights.

“Hello, I have successfully downloaded all of the tracks. Great, thank you once again!

I am happy that the backgrounds of the tracks are different even when there is “Thunderstorm” or “Ocean waves”. Of course that doesn’t apply for “Rain” and “Wind” but I like that as well. These two are special in their own way, meaning meditative because of their flowing characteristic. But wait there is one “Rain” track which has this loop design – with this repeating sequence of drops… I like this special.

What I like most – many things:

~That on Third Eye Awakening and a few others the humming sounds are coming to attention (even more with my pretty close to high end source, head amp and phones)
~The power of the billows and that the “open water” ocean wave sound differently. First one has pictures, feelings and memories of Portugal and its southern coast coming to my mind. Second type of waves has this certain 3D effect going through the brain.
~The babbling brook, where one seems to float on open landscape and the other one feels smaller and must actually float through a  “forester free” mixed forest. So calming, taking away those things. I guess even the animals don’t make a noise an just listen…
~The different types of thunder, that they are so on point, powerful and rumbling. Am I wrong, or are there less and less lightening over the last years? Just over here? I remember being a child and there have definitely been more thunders and the color of the sky was much clearer! Even bees are letting their colleagues know that there is poison being sprayed when they return into the stock.

I have some other music with thunder-background but they never feel as organic, sublime and elevating! Sometimes I surf on that thunder and your thunder tracks bring back those mysterious old mystic memories.

Eternal Youth is just great, that there are so many details built in. I don’t recognize any of those birds in your tracks but that animal or whatever shows up around minute 40 on Eternal Youth – what’s that? where does it come from? Must be the sound of one of those rainforest frogs after you have liked it’s back

Success! is where the wind chimes feel too dominant to my ears. (Note: an alternative Success! soundtrack is on the way for those who aren’t fond of chimes.) The fire tracks on the other audios have only to be turned down a little bit. Then they are a wonderful alternative to the water. Clearly, it’s water that communicates best with our feelings.  I wonder what these relatively intense fire cracks do to brain patterns. (Note: The fire soundscape was chosen for use on certain tracks because it compliments the ability to focus/concentrate or brings the idea of warmth to mind, which helps create a mindset of comfort for joint healing.)

I can’t help it, but I strongly believe that brainwave entrainment is among the most intelligent music to be listened to.  Like people say that Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Classic music comes somehow from out of space and has such a positive effect. We know how plants flourish when – I remember this outstanding gardener who probably grows the best herbs in Austria- who plays music for his plant and does these freaky things with his water…

There is so much pollution everywhere! I am pretty concerned what I take up with my senses. Your programs are great! I somehow can imagine how much dedication you have put into this  project. Getting the knowledge, reading, studying, buying equipment, trial and error, computer doesn’t work… and you managed to provide these great sounding, nourishing, dimensional landscapes.

Thank you once again for taking the time to share your impressions,  Christoph!

Wishing you health and happiness,