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“I Stay Asleep All Night” – Sleep Better with NeuralSync™

It’s common for deep, healthy, effortless sleep to be elusive and rare – perhaps now more than ever. After the pandemic, many people’s work schedules are becoming increasingly unpredictable, especially in places with worker shortages like the food service industry.

But if you struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or feel rested after your sleep NeuralSync™audios can be part of your solution. It definitely was for client L.M.B., who shared his experience with Deep Restful Sleep: “Due to a chaotic work schedule, getting a good night’s sleep has always been difficult. NeuralSync™ has changed that. Now I drift into sleep effortlessly and stay asleep all night. Thank you!”

If you’ve been struggling with sleep, it might be time for a completely unique approach.

Why does NeuralSync™ work so well? First, several audios of ours are designed to help guide your brain into a deep sleep. Many users find themselves nodding off even during light relaxation sessions.

Some might try a few brainwave therapy audios and find that some of them put them to sleep better than others. Research agrees with them – it’s not one-size-fits-all. The work of Dr. Hauri and others suggest that there is no “panacea” for sleep problems; a single protocol does not work for everyone.

However, for chronic, life-long insomniacs, they tend to respond much better to a specific form of brainwave training. One study successfully treated 16 long time psychophysiological insomniacs, randomly assigning each of them to either SMR training or theta training.

It was found that the tense, anxious insomniacs responded well to theta training. Those who were not tense but still found it difficult to sleep, responded better to SMR training.

NeuralSync™  includes both SMR and several theta-focused audios like Stress Gone and Cannabis Effect, in addition to the sleep specific audios which many have found more useful for general sleep induction.

Whether you have persistent and severe problems sleeping or you simply have too much on your mind, NeuralSync™ can help guide you to a deep, restorative sleep patterns.

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